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Author. Editor. Game Developer.

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Author. Game Dev. According to my ex-boyfriend, into his mom.

Lina Langley

Author, Editor, Game Dev. [Latinx Queer SJW]
"When I read Langley's work it feels like my brain is itchy and kind of foggy. But it's also beautifully light." — Lawrence Ade Scales

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Lucas has always let things happen to him. Even meeting Issam, the gorgeous young man who just happens to be wealthy and totally into him, just kind of happens. But Lucas’s long-term crush on his best-friend, Nick, keeps him from fully committing to Issam. [...]

You think you may be in love with her, but you’re not sure. What you’re sure of is that it doesn’t matter, because no matter how often you try not to stare at her, no matter how many times you remind yourself of her situation—of your situation—of his situation, you know that nothing can change. [...]

Talk to Me is a romantic Western Visual Novel. [BxG, BxB] There are no typical "bad", "good" or “true” endings. Just endings. Oh, and a successful kickstarter. [...]

Part of the Six Worlds Anthology Reality. The word is loaded. Everybody has a different sense of what it means, yet we all seem to agree on one thing: reality is not enough. In an anthology full of diverse universes, six writers craft a medley of mesmerizing stories that take the reader beyond reality.

Greg is worried about his best friend Kyle. Kyle's life seems to be spiraling out of control. Greg doesn't mind picking up the pieces, but his normally smart, ambitious and good-looking friend seems more distracted than usual after his last break-up. And he's starting to get annoyed at Greg trying to lend him a hand. What Greg doesn't realize is that Kyle is keeping something from him... and it could change both of their lives forever.

Part of The Eclectic Visions Anthology

Part of the Eclectic Visions Anthology

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Witness the artiste's process.* Titles are temporary, unless otherwise noted. [The process includes both the publishing process and existential crises.]