Ryan has always known that he’s adopted, but it isn’t until recently that he has found what remains of his biological family. He doesn’t know what to expect when he meets his mysterious sibling — and he definitely doesn’t expect to be faced with a man that looks exactly like him. Things get weirder when they go somewhere more private to discuss “clinical” details, as Ryan’s surprise twin brother appears to have questions that are best answered in private. 

Before he knows it, though, Ryan realizes that Cris really likes him — in ways that no twin brother should.



“That’s not fair,” he says. “You said you’d show me your tattoos so I showed you mine. Did you just lie to me?”
“No,” I say. “I’m just —”
“I’m embarrassed.”
“Why?” He smiles at me. “You know, I’ve seen myself naked in the mirror before.”
“You want me to get naked?”