About Max’s Writing

I believe not all truths are good truths, but it is still necessary to share them. I was raised in a prominent family, but as I grew with age, I would see the dark sides of life. Misfortune would be drawn to me. Most of the stories I share revolve around people I have encountered in my life. My experiences have shaped my writing and have built me into a stronger person. These stories help me connect with individuals facing misfortune and allow me to feel their hardships. Life makes more sense when you acknowledge both the good and the bad. I see the world differently because of my struggles. Do not misunderstand me. I also include joyous moments in my writing, but I believe happiness is a double-edged sword. Many of the documented stories I write can be eye-opening, but it helps me to understand myself as a person. Who I am and who I want to be. Coming to terms with the sadness in the world allows me to see the joys more clearly. By passing these stories to others, I offer you the same growth that I have encountered. The stories shared on here will mostly be true stories and creative nonfiction.

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http://www.maxsparrowbooks.comvisit www.MaxSparrowBooks.com

More stories will be added in the upcoming days.

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