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Forget About Me

President Connor’s son can finally have everything he ever wanted.
Sean Connor can have the man. He can have the baby. He can have the white picket fence and the Labrador.
It doesn’t matter that the man he’s in love with is Special Agent Rocky Knight, the man who is tasked with looking after the president’s children. After all, Sean is certain that Knight loves him too.
And he’s certain that everything is going to be okay.
That’s until someone smacks him in the back of the head, and when he wakes up in a dark room with no windows, all he recognizes is the taste of his own blood coating his tongue.
All he can do is hope that Special Agent Rocky Knight is out there looking for him.
And maybe, just maybe, he’ll find him in time to save him from whatever destiny his captors have in store for him.




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The Devil and His Boy

Ruben Moore’s life should be better than fine. He’s just graduated, settled in a stable job, and he’s at the top of his small college town’s social ladder. But after breaking up with his fiancé, he’s crashing down to rock bottom–and not even a few random hookups can ease the lonely ache. What he wants isn’t at the bottom of a bottle, or skulking in the corners of smoky gay bars. He’s not sure what he wants.

Until he meets Salvador Sinclair.

Stylish. Ageless. Magnetic.Mysterious. Salvador is everything Ruben craves, yet something about him makes more than Ruben’s body tingle. Something about Salvador isn’t right. Something says he’s more than what he seems, and even as he takes Ruben to the edge of pleasure time and time again, Salvador leaves Ruben helpless, unsettled, and not even sure he recognizes the man he becomes under Salvador’s touch.

He wants to be happy–but he can’t forget this is just a fling. Ruben doesn’t do casual, but if Salvador can’t open up and show him who he really is…there may never be a chance for this dashing devil and his broken-hearted boy.

This story is approximately 30,000 words in length and contains adult language & explicit erotic scenes. Content warning for descriptions of drowning.

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Bottom Of The Class

Bottom of the class is about a Senior in high school that goes wild. Anything to forget about his parent’s divorce. This would lead him to meet the most gorgeous man he had ever seen.

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My Only Home

Anthony Marin has a perfect life. Fine clothing, a good estate, a rising position among the social elite of 1920s New York–and a beautiful summer villa, where he has every intention of enjoying a few days away from the social pressures placed on any fine young gentleman of good breeding.



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Hard Glass

All Mason Payne wants to do is keep his head down and quietly age out of the system, but when he has to step in to defend his foster sisters against a terrifying foster father, his life takes a turn he never imagined.



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Famously Gay

Collection of three stories packed together at an excellent Deal


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