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1. Listening in the Car

2. While doing housework

3. Doing work in the office 

4. Traveling                               

5. Wanting to relax

6. A break from the kids  

7. When you Exercise

8. Listen to a Voice Actor

9. On Vacation

10. Before you go to bed


After carefully looking through various candidates for audiobooks, we have selected the best voice actors to deliver an experience that will make the words on the paper come to life! Imagine being able to drive to work and not miss a second of your favorite book. The steamy characters that you follow on the pages will be even more steamy in voice!



All Mason Payne wants to do is keep his head down and quietly age out of the system, but when he has to step in to defend his foster sisters against a terrifying foster father, his life takes a turn he never imagined. He’s placed with loving foster parents. People who should make him forget about everything.

You only get to have your senior year once. And if Callum George can never live his last wild year of high school again, he’s going to make sure it’s the best one of his life. He’ll audition for every role. Drag his friends out on every whim. Do anything and everything he wants, no matter how wild.

And anything and everything he can to forget his parents’ recent divorce.

But he never expects the distraction he needs to come in the form of his new drama teacher. Mr. Redford is the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen in his life…and completely off-limits.