Win Me Over

What’s worse than having a crush on your boss?

Having a crush on your boss when you’re best friends with the boss’s daughter.

When Oscar Guerrero signs on to mayoral’s candidate Evan De Marco’s campaign, he knows almost nothing about him. Only that he’s gorgeous, single, kind yet frustratingly aloof…and one of the few politicians in the city to run on an openly gay platform. As an intern, all Oscar should be concerned with is politics, optics, and navigating a Luddite like Evan through the pitfalls of social media.

Yet it’s impossible to get Evan off his mind. The older man’s hot-and-cold behavior leaves Oscar aching for more, yet one reckless, drunken kiss makes him fear he’s ruined not only his job, but the rapport and trust he’d built with both Evan and his daughter. But it’s not Oscar holding Evan back–not his youth, not his impulsiveness, not even the boundaries of professionalism.

It’s the long-held memory of his dead husband, and a loyalty that has kept him trapped in the past for so many years.

It’s that loyalty that Oscar admires so much–yet that same sense of honor and faithfulness may keep them both from moving forward. Oscar wants to help Evan start again…but does Oscar have what it takes to win the stubborn politician over?

Warning: This story is approximately 32,000 words in length and contains adult language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for mature audiences.

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