Mr. Right and Mr. Righter

Camilo Rodriguez loves Christmas. He loves his job writing seasonal greeting cards, but he especially loves spending time around his mischievous and brilliant cowriter, Dylan Maron.

Beautiful, whip smart and always ready to crack a joke—especially at Camilo’s expense—he’s a big part of the reason Camilo loves going to work every day, especially right before the holidays.

Even though he gets on Camilo’s very last nerve.

Yet the moment their company presents them an opportunity to compete against each other, Dylan doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it.

Dylan isn’t quite sure how to feel when the serious, gorgeous man he works with agrees to agrees with his scheme to work against the company together.

But soon, he begins to realize that maybe Camilo isn’t as invested in his idea as he is in the company… and it might translate into the most devastating Christmas he’s ever had.

Warning: This story contains over 15,000 words and is intended for adults only.

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