Bottom of The Class

You only get to have your senior year once.

And if Callum George can never live his last wild year of high school again, he’s going to make sure it’s the best one of his life. He’ll audition for every role. Drag his friends out on every whim. Do anything and everything he wants, no matter how wild.

And anything and everything he can to forget his parents’ recent divorce.

But he never expects the distraction he needs to come in the form of his new drama teacher. Mr. Redford is the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen in his life…and completely off limits.

That won’t stop Callum from trying.

Not when the thrill of secret touches, the promise of the forbidden, makes Mr. Redford even more enticing. Not when under the teacher’s seemingly cold indifference smolders a desire just waiting to break past its boundaries. Callum knows it’s wrong. Redford knows he can’t.

But when can’t only makes them want it more…Callum will discover a new side to discipline when he ends up at the bottom of the class.
This story is approximately 30,000 words in length and contains adult language & explicit erotic scenes. Content warning for stalking, internalized homophobia and a student/teacher relationship.

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